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I have been on many different diets, but never found any as satisfying as the Trim weight reducing program. I learned to eat good nourishing foods, had plenty to eat and never felt hungry. Since I have lost weight I feel much better and far more comfortable in my clothes, particularly since I now wear a size 14 instead of 18.

Ilo Jellison


A tremendous "HIGH"! I am reconciled to be a "slim" for life;  I am more determined than ever to live my life on "trims". I have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm that I am bursting to transfer to others.

Lynda Fisher


I feel better and more energetic. I am able to look at myself in the mirror and not get disgusted. Now I like what I see.

Sheila Brownstein


Join and stick with it until your goal is achieved. I would highly recommend "Trims". it does work.

Eve Babbitt


I haven't felt so good in a long time. no more bulges, heartburn, indigestion, puffing shortness of breath. My husband is very proud of me and will help me to maintain my present weight.

Gertrude Ambrose


The first day a whole new world opened to me. I was so enthused. 

Billie Prochno


Thank you for the guidance and privilege of being a Trim-Slim student, I have lost 32 lbs. and feel simply great.

Esther Davis


I not only have more energy, but more important, I have my good old confidence back because I know I look great!

Judith E. Pekarsky


I'm most enthusiastic about everything and so capable of participating in many things, both emotionally and physically. Follow the program and success is guaranteed. No other program gives such satisfactory results.

Molly Miller


It pays to be slim---Health. Admiration, Confidence. if you can control your weight, people tend to trust you: they feel you can control any situation.

Norma Bellin


Follow the menu and you too will be slim.

Loretta Traczewski


Try it, you'll like it!

George R. Czieger


Follow the program as prescribed. it works beautifully if you hang in there and apply it.

Helen Stanovich


I look so much better and I'm not self conscious as much. I can buy adorable clothes for my age bracket. I just feel better knowing I look better.

Candy Bouchard


I can do many things I didn't feel like doing before. it is most remarkable that I need not to take pills or any medication anymore---I feel more like socializing than I ever did and I am thrilled with a new wardrobe.

Geraldine Ganison


For three days now I've been thinking how wonderful it must be to be able to help so many people in this world as you have been doing. How few people accomplish as much in a life time. How wonderful it must be to be needed by so many people, to be loved by so many people.

Cecilia Costanzo


It is satisfying to get compliments on how good I look and how well my clothes look on me. Stay on the diet, don't let yourself think of stopping and you will soon find you will reach your goal.

Florence Maus


I have more pep. I'm "raring to go" all the time when shopping for clothes. it feels good to go to the small sizes. My husband likes me better this way also.

Rita Kaufman


My entire attitude toward appearance has changed. I feel much confidence where ever I go and have begun to play tennis and swim again. Couldn't do this before because I was ashamed.

Al Noelle


It has done wonders for me mentally and my children are very proud of me. if I can do it---anyone can!

Tony Barreca


I feel more confident in many ways---too numerous to mentioned. For instance I am considering taking a job in the near future.

Gloria Caruso


Thank you for helping me to help myself. I've lost 34 lbs. in 11 weeks so far. I know I'm doing the proper thing now and it's a great feeling to have my self respect back once again.

Barbara Chandler


I feel wonderful, lighter, healthier. A new world opened to me. I like myself and have more confidence where ever I am. I'm living now.

Eve S. Wolinsky


After a lifetime of obesity, Trim is the first help I've found! Since May I have been wearing a size 11 or 12.

Betty Consoli


I am so grateful to Trim and it's program. I never felt better in my life.

Alberta Kessler


I sometimes look in the mirror when I'm out shopping and I have to take a second look. I can't believe it is my reflection and not the fat woman I once was. don't wait another day to start the program. Don't ever get discouraged because if you follow the program faithfully, you will reach your goal.

Marilyn Moll


If each compliment that I receive was worth $1.00, I would have been a millionaire. I still get compliments today. My husband calls me "skinny" now, instead of "fatty". Thank you again for given me a chance to achieve my goal.

Consetty Omelite


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